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Salah pengertian di jasa seo website

Pemilik usaha online pasti memiliki sebuah website atau toko online untuk menjalankan bisnisnya, dan ada sebagian pemilik usaha yang menggunakan jasa SEO murah dan ada sebagian lagi yang menggunakan jasa SEO mahal. Kedua jasa SEO tersebut tidak jauh berbeda karena sama-sama memberikan layanan SEO untuk meningkatkan traffic website dan menaikkan websitenya ke halaman pertama dalam pencarian. Namun tak jarang ada pemilik usaha online yang salah dalam memahami jasa SEO, mereka menganggap bahwa jasa SEO merupakan penipu sehingga mereka tidak mau menggunakannya. Hal tersebut adalah kesalahan yang besar karena jasa SEO bukanlah penipu.

Berikut adalah beberapa kesalahpahaman yang banyak dipikirkan oleh orang-orang:
  • Banyak yang menganggap bahwa SEO sama dengan link building, padahal SEO bukan sekedar link building saja. Memang link building menjadi salah satu poin yang diperhitungkan dalam algoritma mesin pencari, namun bukan berarti SEO merupakan cara untuk mendapatkan backlink dari website lain sebanyak mungkin. Ada berbagai hal yang harus diperhitungan dalam SEO, jadi tidak hanya berfokus pada link building saja.
  • Internet marketing tidak bisa hanya dilakukan dengan SEO saja, ada cara lain yang tidak boleh ditinggalkan, contohnya saja iklan online, media sosial dan lainnya. Apalagi SEO hanya merupakan cara untuk mendapatkan visitor ke website tersebut. Kalau anda ingin mendapatkan visitor di media sosial, tentunya anda harus menggunakan strategi marketing yang lain.
  • Banyak visitor dalam website bukan berarti pelanggan atau konsumen anda bertambah. Karena SEO hanya untuk meningkatkan jumlah visitor saja, bukan untuk meningkatkan jumlah pembeli. Yang menentukan apakah pengunjung atau visitor ingin membeli atau tidak, ada berbagai faktor yang mempengaruhinya. Jadi jangan menyalahkan Jasa SEO apabila jumlah pembeli tidak bertambah.
  • Apabila website anda turun ke halaman 2 atau lainnya, itu bukanlah kesalahan SEO. Namun karena website tidak dioptimasi lagi dengan jasa SEO karena anda sudah tidak menggunakan jasa mereka lagi atau mesin pencari melakukan update algoritma. Karenanya jangan langsung menuduh jasa SEO yang tidak bekerja dengan benar.

Kamis, 05 Desember 2019

Pregnant Women Don't Keep Getting Angry, These Effects on Babies

The temperament of explosive pregnant women seems to have been widely understood. However, you should think again about this, especially because it can affect the condition of the baby in the womb. The condition of a woman's body during pregnancy is actually almost similar to the situation of women before menstruation in general. Starting from breast pain, hormonal changes, to mood disorders. From the emotional side, women at this time can more quickly feel angry or happy to be sad, and vice versa.

Overflowing emotions trigger a variety of disorders

Hormonal factors become one of the causes of the increasingly frequent pregnant women to get angry, although not apart from other factors. For example, the accumulation of discomfort felt by pregnant women makes it difficult to sleep, feel the pressure on the bladder, or a feeling of heat. Triggers changes in moods of pregnant women so it can also be caused by worries of being a parent, childbirth, and others. Specifically regarding the effects of anger on pregnant women, a study was conducted involving 166 women during the second trimester of pregnancy. Furthermore, they are divided into two groups, namely the group that is often angry and the group that is less angry. Pregnant women who are often angry, also seem more often feel tense, making them depressed. As a result, fetuses in pregnant women become overactive and experience growth retardation. When you're angry, the body of pregnant women will be filled with cortisol and adrenaline which suppresses the hormones dopamine and serotonin. This also will be experienced by the baby in the womb. As a result, babies born to mothers who are often angry are more at risk of disturbed sleep patterns, orientation, motor maturity, and not to mention depression. A psychologist also revealed that the psychological state of the mother during pregnancy will help affect the baby's temperament.

Tips to Reduce Anger when Pregnant

Changes in emotions are difficult to resist, but at least there is still something that can be done to ease them. Try the following steps when you feel angry.
  • Talking with someone who is emotionally close can reduce tension while getting support. You can talk with your partner, friends or family. In addition, you can also talk with fellow expectant mothers.
  • Avoid discussions or conversations that will only trigger you to get angry. Try to take a light walk for half an hour to calm down.
  • Increase the time to rest. Lack of sleep will only make the mood of pregnant women worsen. Short naps can be done to replace the reduced hours of sleep at night.
  • Take the time to do things that you enjoy, for example doing hobbies. If you like watching movies, then do it with friends. Reading your favorite book in the park with a calm atmosphere can be useful too.
  • Pour your feelings into writing in a diary. If you feel upset with someone, write to him, but do not need to be sent. The goal is to vent just feelings.
  • Stay active. You can get used to walking in the morning, swimming, or other sports you like. It also also helps relieve the pain felt during pregnancy.
Naturally, pregnant women feel tense before the birth of the little one who has been waiting for, but not to overreact. Avoid getting angry because it will only have negative consequences. Consult with your doctor or psychologist if pregnant women have difficulty coping with mood changes.

A Perinatologist will handle your pregnancy problems

Pregnant women who have high risk pregnancies or problems with their fetus are advised to consult a perinatologist. The goal is that problems faced related to pregnancy, especially those with certain diseases, get the right treatment so that the mother and fetus remain in a healthy condition until after the birth process. Fetal health must be considered properly, especially for pregnant women who have special health problems. Both require more intensive care and treatment, especially for pregnant women with high risk.

The Role of Perinatology Doctors in High-Risk Pregnancy

Perinatologists have specifically studied the procedures for handling and treating pregnant women who experience health problems during pregnancy, such as pregnant women suffering from diabetes (gestational diabetes), pregnant women suffering from hypertension (preeclampsia), or several other diseases that can affect the health of the mother and fetus. As for things that perinatologists can do for high-risk pregnant women, including:
  • Providing pregnancy care to women who have a high risk of pregnancy, such as pregnant women who have diabetes or suffer from high blood pressure.
  • Helps deal with pregnant women who experience complications during pregnancy or when giving birth.
  • Conduct pregnancy tests and checks according to procedure. Like checking ultrasound to find out the growth and development of the fetus.
  • Monitor the labor process and intervene when needed.
  • Take care of all health problems of pregnant women after pregnancy, such as anticipating excessive bleeding, infection, or high blood pressure.

The Role of Perinatology Doctors in Newborns with Health Problems

Not only treating pregnant women who have health problems, perinatology doctors also play a role in maintaining the health of newborns, especially premature babies. Perinatology doctors are tasked with diagnosing and treating newborns who have problems such as birth defects, infections, difficulty breathing and stabilizing newborns who have life-threatening problems. Perinatologists will also coordinate with a team of specialist doctors needed to deal with troubled newborns. Generally perinatologists will work in a special room called the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The assistance that can be given to premature babies in this room can be in the form of:

    The use of incubators

    Babies born young or premature need warm air. That's why premature babies need to be put in an incubator to keep them warm and comfortable, so that helps them grow quickly.


    The ventilator machine functions to maintain the stability of the baby's breathing.

    Light therapy

    Some newborns suffer from jaundice because the liver has not been able to eliminate bilirubin levels. As a healing effort, it is recommended to do light therapy.
In addition to monitoring the baby's development through monitors, perinatology doctors and NICU nurses will also involve both parents in caring for the baby's health. Both parents will be taught how to care for babies ranging from breastfeeding or feeding to babies, changing diapers, to keeping babies warm. One way that can be done to keep the baby warm is by taking care of kangaroos. This treatment is enough to do one parent by placing the baby on the parent's chest so that the skin will be in direct contact. This method can make a baby feel warm, facilitate breathing, sleep soundly, and at the same time establish closeness with parents. Maintaining the health of the self and the fetus is something that must be done by pregnant women so that the baby can be born healthy and safe. In order to be properly monitored, it is recommended to routinely conduct a pregnancy check up to the relevant specialist.

Bad Breath, Know the Causes and Prevention

Bad breath is caused by improper dental and oral care habits, coupled with not treating it regularly. The type of food you consume also influences, in addition to unhealthy lifestyles that you usually unconsciously live. All the foods you consume, especially those that have a strong aroma, such as garlic, play a role in causing bad breath. Remnants of food left in the mouth contribute to the unpleasant smell in the mouth. If you don't brush your teeth and use dental floss regularly, food scraps will be left between your teeth. This can increase the growth of bacteria in the teeth, tongue, and gums. This is what causes bad breath.

Habits That Trigger Bad Breath

There are some bad habits that make your mouth smell bad. The habits are:

    Lack of maintaining oral hygiene

    As stated above, poorly maintained oral hygiene is very easy to make the mouth smell bad. When the mouth is littered with food debris, a transparent layer called plaque, which is where bacteria develop, forms. To prevent this, brush your teeth regularly after eating. Also brush your tongue to control bad breath. Use dental floss to clean up food scraps between teeth that are not reached by a toothbrush as part of efforts to maintain oral health. Also check your teeth regularly to the dentist to minimize the risk of mouth attack. Your doctor may suggest gargling with a mouthwash that effectively kills bacteria due to plaque buildup.

    Smoking habit

    Cigarettes are another cause of bad breath. The habit of smoking not only damages the lungs, but also creates stains on the teeth and gum irritation. Furthermore, this condition can develop into toothache and inflammation of the gums. These two factors cause bad breath.

    Effects of undergoing a diet

    Diet by reducing carbohydrates can also be a cause of bad breath. When you're deficient in carbohydrates, the body naturally breaks down fat. Then formed a chemical called ketone. This substance can cause bad breath.

    Eating sharp-scented foods

    Some foods with sharp aromatic herbs usually leave an unpleasant odor in the mouth. Likewise with the consumption of coffee and alcoholic drinks. To avoid bad breath, avoid eating foods and drinks like this.


    There are other causes that make the mouth smell bad, namely general health conditions. When experiencing dry mouth, which means a lack of saliva, bacteria become more easily developed and eventually cause bad breath. Even unhealthy digestive conditions can cause bad breath. An example is a bacterial infection of the stomach and small intestine. Other diseases that also have the potential to create bad breath are diabetes, bronchitis, sinusitis, lung disease, tonsillitis and sinusitis.


    Medications that you are taking can also cause bad breath, such as sedatives, chemotherapy drugs, and chest pain relief medications due to reduced blood supply to the heart.
Among the causes above, bad breath often occurs due to lack of oral hygiene. The problem is, so far many people think that brushing your teeth is enough to clean teeth while preventing bad breath. However, besides brushing your teeth, using mouthwash can help you get teeth and mouth that are healthy and avoid disease. You need to use mouthwash as one of your daily routine activities in maintaining oral health. Regularly using mouthwash in the morning after breakfast and at night before going to bed can prevent plaque that is caused by food debris and odors arising from sharp-scented foods between your teeth. You can choose to use a mouthwash that contains essential oils. A study has shown that mouthwashes that contain essential oils are more effective against bacteria that cause plaque, inhibiting the development of plaque. and reduce gum inflammation. The risk of experiencing bad breath will always hit, especially if you have bad habits that can interfere with oral health. As a preventative measure, it never hurts to use mouthwash as part of efforts to maintain oral hygiene. You are also advised to maintain oral health and find out how to deal with bad breath.

Fear of Childbirth, This Is the Way You Feel Stronger

The process of giving birth usually invites anxiety, especially for the first time. However, do not let fear and anxiety weaken Mother's struggle to be able to meet with the Tiny. Come on, consider the following tips so you can be strong to give birth. Naturally, if you are attacked by various worries about childbirth. Starting from the fear of pain during labor, fear of having a Caesarean section, even other worries such as being late to the hospital, and so on.

Avoiding excessive fear

Here are answers to the three fears and worries that are often questioned ahead of labor. Don't worry, it's not just you who feels it.

Afraid if it turns out to have a caesarean section later

Some mothers are afraid of postoperative pain, the length of time for recovery, and the danger of surgical wounds. The risk of cesarean section is indeed not absent, but usually the risk of concern is classified as low. It is best to ask if there are any alternatives to Caesarean section. If not, then just trust your doctor that this is the best step, if this step is recommended.

Fear of giving birth too fast

Take it easy, the labor process generally does not take place that fast. Especially in the first labor. It is unlikely that the baby will be born before reaching the hospital or before the obstetrician arrives. However, if this is a concern, you can anticipate it by knowing the signs of giving birth are near.

Fear of pain during labor

Naturally, if pregnant women feel anxious about the pain that will be encountered during the delivery process. However, this can be anticipated by discussing with obstetricians about the choice of pain medications. According to one expert, don't rely solely on a detailed set of birth plans to suppress fear or worry. Because, later on the baby will control almost the entire labor process. It's better for you to imagine happiness when you meet a small creature that has been living inside your body.

Tips on Preparing Yourself before Giving Birth

In addition to optimism and positive thinking, try some of the following tips to help you be stronger to give birth.

1. Create an environment that makes you comfortable

For example, bring your favorite pillows and sheets, play your favorite songs accordingly, are you comfortable giving birth together with other patients, and so on. If you are relaxed, your labor stage can go faster.

2. Discuss infusion and its alternatives with the doctor

Infusion is not absolutely necessary in the normal delivery process. As an alternative to infusion, the drug is inserted through a special intravenous catheter that is prepared if you later need medication or an injection. However, if you are planning an epidural injection, you will most likely have it installed

3. Eat and drink before going to the hospital

Enough body fluids and nutrients will make you stronger through

4. Take a shower or bath to help relieve contraction pain

Hospitals usually provide bathrooms in the in-room that you can use. Some even provide a bathtub for bathing alias bath tub. If you decide to take a shower after an IV catheter is inserted, try using rubber gloves that are cut at the tips of your fingers to prevent the catheter from getting wet.

5. Provide a bowl of ice cubes with a soaked towel

If you have entered the active labor stage, you may become overheated. Ask the nurse or partner to compress the forehead, chest, or nape with a cold towel. This step can greatly help the Mother to fight harder when pushing. In addition, so that your body is strong through a series of stages of labor, prepare your body from an early age with pregnancy exercises. Even preparing the body to be strong during childbirth can also be started before pregnancy by doing exercises that focus on the strength of the abdominal muscles. Sports that can help you strong when pushing later one of them Pilates exercises. If you still have concerns, discuss with your doctor. If necessary, note down the things you want to ask in more detail. It is important to have the same understanding between doctors and patients in order to reduce excessive fear.

Don't Panic, Know First Aid for Gunshot Wounds

Gunshot wounds occur when someone is hit by a firearm. Gunshot wounds must be handled appropriately and immediately, so that the lives of gunshot wounds can be saved. Gunshot wounds have different shapes and sizes, depending on the speed of the bullet. Because gunshot wounds can cause dangerous and fatal conditions, first aid must be given immediately to the victim.

Help for Gunshot Injury Victims

Despite being cautious about firearms, unexpected situations can sometimes trigger firefights. When there are riots, terrorist threats, to criminal incidents, shootouts sometimes are inevitable and often lead to gunshot wounds. You who are in this situation should immediately save yourself to a safer place. If around you there are victims of gunshot wounds, take them as far as possible to a safe place and provide first aid while waiting for medical help to arrive. The first aid you can give to a gunshot wound victim is:

1. Position the victim's body properly

After being in a safe location, make sure the gunshot wound victim who is consciously sits or lies in a comfortable position. If the gunshot wound is above the waist, do not lift the leg height because it will make the blood flow more swiftly than the wound.

2. Contact the police and the nearest hospital

After making sure the surrounding environment is safe and the position of the victim is comfortable, immediately call the police or the nearest hospital to inform you of the shooting and gunshot wound victims. Ideally, a gunshot wound victim should get medical treatment within 10 minutes of being shot.

3. Stop bleeding

While waiting for medical attention to come, stop bleeding due to a gunshot wound. You can stop the bleeding by applying pressure to the area that is bleeding. Use gauze to press and bandage the gunshot wound so the bleeding can subside. If there is no gauze, you can take advantage of using a clean shirt cut. If the gunshot wound is in the chest area, cover the wound with clean plastic. The aim is to prevent air from entering the chest cavity which can cause the lungs to not expand. However, if the victim experiences shortness of breath after the action, immediately remove the plastic cover.

4. Perform CPR procedures

If you have received training and know how to perform CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), give help with this technique if the victim of a gunshot wound stops breathing and his heart stops beating. The steps above you can do as first aid for victims of gunshot wounds. If possible, immediately bring the nearest hospital emergency room victim to get treatment.
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